Autumn Days

October welcomes in the Autumn season and with it a slower pace. Inspired by our autumnal flower collection we took a quiet trip to cabin and field to forage and find. Golden-hued flowers and autumn’s fruits set the scene for a restorative hideaway as we celebrate our latest collection.

Golden Hour

Morning sunbeams illuminate a new day and fresh beginnings. The subtle scent of wild flowers hangs in the air amidst nature’s warm glow and warm embrace.

Aurora’s Call

Inspired by the dawn, Aurora’s Call is an ode to the early hours, its orange skies, its hope and its promise. In Roman mythology, the goddess Aurora renews herself each morning, flying across the sky to announce the arrival of the sun.

Models: Joey Yuen @joeyyuen, Jacqueline Mak @jac_______

Filmed on location at Ark Eden,