By Thea Løvstad

‘All I want is to capture a moment, create a story or evoke a feeling,’ says the eco-artist, photographer and co-founder of L.K. Studio. Here, Thea shares memories from her wild-inspired life – from finding the oldest living tree in London to swimming off the coast of Seaford, East Sussex.

I am a creative introvert with an obsession for light and the small things in life that are often overseen, especially in nature. This led to a passion for photography and eventually also became my occupation. Today, I work as an eco-artist and photographer specialising in sustainability and working with ethical clients and collaborators. [In my photography,] all I want is to capture a moment, create a story or evoke a feeling. This could be done with any camera – even a phone for that matter – if you know how to do it right. That said, I do mostly love shooting on film: the colours, the tactility, the slowness of it. It becomes so much more special than digital and I always prefer the final outcome of analogue photography.

After the first lockdown, I founded L.K. Studio with my friend and colleague, the stylist Sophie Kirk. We had previously worked together on a few projects, we both had an obsession with vintage and antique ceramics, and shared values about mindful living. We are a creative studio offering full production service of still-life photography and styling, founded on simplistic and organic communication, working solely with consciously created products and items made by individuals who care about their impact on people and the planet. Visually, I would describe our style as earthy, ambient and honest.

A City Of Contrasts

I moved from Kragerø, Norway, to London, UK, in 2012 to study fine-art photography. London is unique because it’s extremely urban, yet full of greenery. I would dare to say London is the best city in the world for parks. The climate here also provides greenery throughout the year, which I find fascinating considering how cold it feels during winter.

If you’re looking for consciously created food and drink, I recommend 26 Grains for breakfast, Jolene or Popham’s Bakery for bread and pastries, and Perilla or Sessions Art Club for dinner. London is also great for galleries, which is an obvious source of inspiration. I love visiting Barbican Centre (also for the iconic architecture), Victoria & Albert Museum and The Photographer’s Gallery.

I always notice how many old trees there are in London, protecting and filtering the city. The oldest living tree is called the Totteridge Yew: scientists believe it to be over 2,000 years old! There’s also Richmond Park – I used to live five minutes away, which was such a luxury. It truly feels like a forest, and is perfect for long walks, picnics and running. If you’re in the area, you could also pop to Petersham Nurseries for lunch, stroll along the river and end with a visit to Kew Gardens.

Journeys To The Sea

I’m now based in South London, which makes day trips to the coast even easier. I love visiting Tillingham: a biodynamic winery, farm, restaurant and guesthouse located near Rye in East Sussex. I also frequently visit Seaford for that dose of vitamin sea. I went for the first time in September 2018, with my boyfriend. We took the train to Brighton, then a bus to Seaford, walked for 30 minutes and ended up on this beautiful pebble beach surrounded by white cliffs. It was the end of the season and the beach was nearly empty. We were extremely lucky because the water was 18°C, which is a rarity here! We decided to swim, then ended with a picnic while watching the sun set. A perfect day, which I will always remember.

Embracing The Seasons

As I get older, I find myself appreciating the seasons much more. When it comes to winter, you’ve got to make the best of it and create soothing home rituals to get you through: light candles every morning and evening, aromatherapy, cook hearty meals with seasonal vegetables, go for walks in nature and take in the beauty of the constant shift – but make sure to dress warm! Visually, nothing beats the beauty of a frosty winter landscape.

Ways Of Seeing

Nature is never stagnant, it’s ever evolving. It teaches you to stay in the moment, to appreciate change and lack of control. All countries and cities have something to offer because Mother Nature is everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes open. My hometown, Kragerø, has often served as the backdrop for various projects because the nature there is very dear to me. It’s also interesting to try and see the surroundings you know so well, with a fresh perspective.

Photography by Thea Løvstad. Follow her wild-inspired life @theasnevelovstad