Behind The Flora

Harvest Moon

Our seasonal bouquet celebrates the romance and whimsy that comes with the shimmering light of the full moon.

Slow footsteps softly crunching in the newly dried earth below. A very faint breeze carries whispers of a new season ahead. We’re stirred by it and urged to look up, to reflect, to gaze upon the low-hanging moon in all her silver glory. For this is the Harvest Moon, a symbol of all we are grateful for, rising and calling us to give thanks.

Our Harvest Moon bouquet is inspired by the magic and wonder of this season and the dreamy imagery this full moon conjures. Having long been the ruler of the realms of water, the moon is known to be the mother and goddess of all things growing, living and breathing. A symbol of Mother Nature. And, at her fullest, a representation of realised potential and fertility fulfilled. A full belly, a full pantry, a full womb and a full life we all strive for. This full moon’s shimmering light illuminates romance and rituals in equal measure. She urges us to reflect and be thankful and tiptoe out beneath her night-time light to meet the affections and passions of secret lovers.

Deep maroon and dusky pink flowers dance within wispy dried grasses and earthy plumes in this season’s design. This bouquet does not merely stand still on our tables and mantles, she dances, inviting us to join her.

In celebration of this lunar-inspired bouquet, our limited-edition Moonrise vases capture the symbols of this poetic arrangement and indeed the rising of the moon above. Handmade in muted shades of earthenware, this exclusive design is available in two sizes, online now for a limited period only.

Adorn your table, prepare your feast, gather your loved ones and welcome in the Harvest.