Laura Wickstead x The Floristry

We worked with the London-based artist on our illustrated cards – here she shares the seasonal influence behind them.

Tell us about your journey towards becoming an artist.

The journey has been one of dedication and perseverance. I’m a self-taught artist but art has always been a huge part of me. It began quite organically through a constant passion for art. Over time, my art gained more traction and I was able to commit to it full-time in January. When I relocated to London five years ago, I decided to move to abstract shape studies. It was quite a change but I wanted to start challenging myself and my imagination and to enjoy the freedom that abstraction allows. I like to think that I’m calm and considerate and that those traits are also reflected in my work.

What are your biggest influences and inspirations?

I’m a huge fan of interior design. I find the pairing of art with furnishings fascinating. Other abstract artists are also a big influence – I love learning about their process. I interview an artist every month for my newsletter and it’s been a wonderful way to connect with creators and appreciate new techniques.

Which themes feature most prominently in your work?

One theme that I return to again and again is the depiction of botanical shapes. I love the shapes found in nature, and find leaves and petals in particular to be so elegant. I’m always in awe of the moon. Its many shapes play into my work and my artwork often has celestial undercurrents. I always include circles in my work – I love contrasting a bold sphere against a blanket of colour. The same can be said at night-time, the beauty of a white moon against the inky sky is a beautiful thing to behold.

Original BTC & Chris Everard

Mark Scott Photography

Your paintings can be found in some beautiful interior spaces – do you have any favourites you’ve worked on in particular?

I really loved working on the mural at The Hoxton hotel in Holborn, London. That project was so fun as it took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me both mentally and physically. It took a week to complete, the wall was 9x4m so it was a very large canvas! Another favourite was the commission for BiBi Restaurant in Mayfair that saw me create an A0 painting called Mother. I was inspired by the design of the space as well as the meaning behind the name BiBi. It means ‘lady of the house’, so I wanted to create a strong yet soft curvaceous shape that symbolises femininity and womanhood.

What do you like most about the Harvest season?

The leaves will start to turn colour, the days become crisper and there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. I personally love going on walks at this time of year as you get to see the magic of nature changing – the colours are beautiful! As the nights draw in, I love to be curled up with a good book, so making sure my home is the perfect place to do this is important to me.

My perfect Harvest gathering would be having all my friends over for a Sunday roast at my flat. The table would be adorned with seasonal flowers and there would be an abundance of food and great conversation. It would be a lovely opportunity to give thanks for the year so far and also look forward to the future.

“The beauty of a white moon against the inky sky is a beautiful thing to behold.”

You worked with The Floristry to design our Harvest season message cards. Can you share any inspiration behind them?

I chose these three designs due to the celestial nature of the colour palettes and shapes. The circular shapes mirror the spherical form of the full Harvest Moon and the warm tones of dusty pink, beige and maroon really work well with the colours of the season. Harvest is associated with abundance and the fullness of these abstract shapes reflect that sentiment well.

Finally, any upcoming projects or trips you’d like to share?

I’ve been working on another project with The Hoxton as they look to open a new hotel in Shepherd’s Bush later this year, so that’s been exciting. I’m hopefully heading to Thailand in the new year and I’m sure that the colours and shapes there will offer me an abundance of inspiration for 2023.

Receive one of  three illustrated cards by Laura (opposite page) with any purchase during our Harvest season.

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