Paper Bones x The Floristry

‘We feel most free when performing.’ Meet James and Kira of Paper Bones, the musical duo behind the soundtrack to our Midsummer short film.

When did Paper Bones come to be?

We met years ago at a live music night in Sai Kung, but we only got closer last year, sharing our songs and enjoying all the good (and the bad) things in life. I think we both needed music at this particular time in our lives.

How would you describe your music?

Our music is from the heart, about personal experiences and all the feels! The themes differ, but we generally try to capture an emotion or nostalgia and hopefully channel it into our music. Most of all, we try to communicate hope and that deep down we’re all kind of similar.

You worked with The Floristry to create the soundtrack to our Midsummer Story. Tell us about the project.

When creating something new, we generally start with a feeling or a moment that we want to communicate and go from there. Sometimes it starts with a chord progression and sometimes a simple beat. For this particular song, however, we wanted to think about what sounds encapsulate flowers and summer, and we thought of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, which is such a classic concerto inspired by nature. We used plucky pizzicato strings as the main texture for this track and mixed it with an analogue beat for a modern juxtaposing edge.

Our Midsummer season celebrates the joys of summer and the sense of freedom that comes with it. What does it mean to you?

Warmth, cocktails, breezy attire, swimming in the ocean. Freedom is a state of mind and we feel most free when performing our music.

James, as well as working on the music for our film, you also starred in it – any memories from our day of shooting in the sun?

Probably raving on the rocks at sundown surrounded by flowers!

What’s next for Paper Bones?

More songs, more gigs! We are so happy about the restrictions being lifted. Come see us play!

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