Raw Materials

On the Balearic Island of Mallorca, textile designer and innovator Adriana Meunié finds a never-ending source of inspiration in the materials of the natural world.

My journey towards becoming an artist has been very slow, but also very constant and I’m grateful for every little step. My parents have been my biggest inspiration. My father was a painter and my mother a contemporary dancer. So I knew from an early age that it was possible to live from art, and the quality of life it can bring.

When I was studying fashion design, I was experimenting with wall-hangings and ‘textile paintings’. It all started with the wool, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it raw. Then the other materials just came naturally as I felt the necessity to work with primary sources, in forms which we don’t usually see them, through my art.

The main things I look to create in my work are volume and texture, more than anything. It’s just fascinating to create them, it’s like if they have their own life, I just want to let them express themselves. My inspiration comes from a will to capture the wild and translate it into something timeless. The wool comes from Mallorca. Most of it I sheer myself, once a year, then clean it. The felt comes from Llanatura, a small company on the island.

When I was younger I was very ‘urban’, and didn’t have much interest in the natural surroundings. Now I just need it. The natural world teaches me that life in the wild is tough, but compensated. Death and life are always present, that is something really important to live with.

Mallorca is home. It’s where I was born and I grew up, and that just gets into your bones and memories. I love the culture, the language, memories from my childhood… I have those landscapes very incorporated into my work. Stone colours, kinds of grey, red earth, and blue.

My typical day is chaos! I try to have a routine but I just have to be flexible. My interior style is quite simple, we try to embrace emptiness, and take care of all our pieces – tables, chairs… etc. I get stressed when I have too many things.

“My inspiration comes from a will to capture the wild and translate it into something timeless”

There is the table, a very typical Mallorquín table, very old, that Jaume (my partner) rescued. This is my favourite object at home. Jaume also made a little table with two very heavy raw stone blocks, and I love having something so raw yet functional at the same time.

This winter, I can’t wait to see the animals gathering around the fire. It’s so funny, they suddenly share the space together. The dog, two cats and the goat! We always say that fire ‘makes friends’.

Everything changes a lot in winter because of the light. I need to fix the animals much earlier. I also put warm blankets on the sofa and beds, have the exterior/interior shoes ready, and my warm and comfy inside clothes. And a lot of vitamins!

Mallorca gets green again during the winter and, after these long summers – especially this one which was quite hard and extremely hot for months – it’s quite relaxing to see the plants grow again.

Our upcoming plans are to continue fixing our new home. We want to prepare a showroom and improve the studios, and then fill them with pieces. I’m not taking on too many projects to be able to concentrate on trying new techniques, shapes and colours. I cherish this time to make mistakes and see new things grow from them. So I’m so excited about this.

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