Refresh & Recharge

A new year has arrived and though we may still be encouraged to spend more time indoors we’re welcoming fresh beginnings with simple ways to cleanse and renew our spaces. Find some peace and stillness at home as we show you how to create a subtle sanctuary this month…

A considered space

Whether its a whole room or the quaintest of corners in your apartment, clear out a sacred space in which to renew and re-charge. A place to practice meditation, yoga or simply read, collect only your essential ritual tools to help clear the space and mind.

The art of smudging

The ancient practice of cleansing spaces with herbs, incense and oils can help create mindful rituals with which to clear out negative energy. Palo Santo gives a rich, woody aroma, a powerful tool to cleanse and release.

Burning sage is another ancient cleansing practice which offers a lighter fragrance. Whilst the simple practice of just burning candles and taking time out with no artificial light can also help ease the mind of stress.

Make a ceremony of tea

Taking time and consideration in our most mundane daily routines can channel positive energy and mindfulness. Opt for a herbal tea and take stock of each part of the process, from the stewing of the leaves to the delicate pour into your favourite drinking vessel.

Fresh spaces make for fresh ideas

Creating a clean and nature-inspired workspace can invite fresh thoughts and ideas into your work. This month we are especially fond of our Magic Hour flowers in soft and delicate pink hues.