Curate & Style

Spring Flowers

Here we show you how to usher in a fresh breath of colour that will reawaken winter-dulled senses. Style our springtime medleys in simple pots and recycled jars to gift new life to your home.


Our flower bouquets are designed to be unwrapped, rearranged and woven into your everyday for a wild-inspired life. We encourage you to pick and play with your flowers and get creative with them. As your bouquet ages, some stems will wilt sooner than others. All flowers have a different vase life and no two stems are exactly the same. Help your flowers to last longer by removing any wilting stems then pick out the fresher ones, trim the ends and place into separate jars and vases with fresh water.


Bud Vases & Tumblers

Trimming your flower stems short will help them last longer as the water has a smaller distance to travel to the flower head. Use tumblers, cups and bud vases to make small clusters of single varieties. Dot these around smaller corners of your home or on your work desk for an instant lift.

Jars & Bottles

Reuse empty jam jars and bottles with bushy clusters of your favourite blooms. Place on coffee tables and side tables to add some floral texture.

Statement Vases

Sometimes less is more. Place single stems in taller, statement vases for an elegant and elevated feel. Keep the stems as tall as possible to gain height and impact, perfect for hallways and dining tables.

Pitchers & Jugs

Not just reserved for water and wine, jugs and carafes make beautiful vessels for wild and willowy blooms. Arrange the stems at varying heights for texture. A stylish addition to kitchen worktops and dining tables.