How did your journey as an artist begin?

I was born and raised in Mexico and moved to Beijing 11 years ago, thinking I would come to Asia for a year, but ended up staying a lot longer! I moved to Hong Kong in 2013 and around five years ago I started dedicating more time to painting. It suddenly snowballed to the point I had to quit my day job to become a full time artist. I have always had a passion for the arts. I grew up in an artistic home, my mum is also an artist, so I guess it is in my blood.

What themes feature most prominently in your work?

I think most of my work has to do with human connections, our emotions, our path through life and death, our memories and most recently motherhood.
I want my work to spark dialogues, internal and external, because it deals with the meaning of core existential topics, addresses emotions and matters of modern society and the diversity of global culture. As a Mexican that has traveled extensively, I have a view of the world that is constantly evolving. I am fascinated by the differences and similarities we have as humans and would like to keep exploring this, to open up dialogues in the Hong Kong community.